Modification plates for all vehicles

From engine changes to suspension adjustments and appearance effects to customised bodywork, you are required to comply with Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads Vehicle Standards and Modifications Guidelines. DSQ are authorised to inspect and issue Modification plates for ALL vehicles.

We recommend that before you start any modifications to your vehicle that you research what you are legally allowed to do and what not is allowed. This can save you a considerable amount of time and money. Click on these links to check if your ideas are going to be legal and above all else … safe!




Certificate of Inspections (COI) for truck and trailer

Due to the high risk of non-compliance as a result of long distance travelling, any vehicle that is COI registered is required to have a current COI at all times. Trucks and Trailers are in this category.

Also, when re-registering a COI required vehicle, all inspections and COI’s issued must be carried out by an Authorised Inspection Station (AIS) approved station. Diesel Services Queensland are approved by the Department of Transport and Main Roads to carry out such inspections together with the issuing of Certificate of Inspection certificates.

Bookings are required for this service so please call us on 07 5537 5222 and we can schedule your vehicle in for the inspection.



Safety Certificates for smaller vehicles and light trailers

Often referred to as a ‘Roadworthy’, Safety Certificates are a legal requirement for every vehicle that is offered for sale or when re-registering an unregistered vehicle. It is a legal requirement that no vehicle can travel on the roads without being registered and therefore, each vehicle on the road must have a Safety Certificate. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure vehicles driven on the roads meet a minimum safety requirement. A typical inspection will check things such as; tyres, brakes, steering, suspension, body rust or damage, windscreen and lights.

  • Vehicles requiring Safety Certificates are;
  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Trailers (including caravans) with an aggregate trailer mass (ATM) of 750kg-3,500kg
  • Any other vehicles up to 4,500kg gross vehicle mass (GVM)

We can carry out the ‘Roadworthy’ inspection on any of the above vehicles and/or trailers.

Call us today on 5537 5222 and book your vehicle in for a Safety Certificate.

Please note: A Safety Inspection is not a comprehensive mechanical inspection. Please advise if you also require this service.



HVRAS Accreditation

Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme allows us to inspect and measure heavy vehicles to ensure they comply with;

  • dimensional limitations
  • approved load sharing axle systems guidelines
  • safe tyre limits
  • vehicle identifiers such as engine number, vehicle identification number and chassis number



07 5537 5222


DSQ is a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all diesel servicing from mechanical to hydraulics and electrical to chassis repairs. If you are off the road, we know it is costing you money and we also know there is no need to be off the road any longer than necessary. We offer a range of tailor made maintenance programs to suit your daily schedule and vehicle requirements. In other words, leave your vehicle or fleet in our care and you will get the priority service you need.

We all know that a regular inspection on any working machinery with moving parts can save money. But, that is only if problems are attended to when found. We don’t need to tell you that heavy trucks, buses and plant are no exception. Inspections will find the problem/s and troubleshooting fixes those problems. Regardless of what is discovered during the inspection, we can assure you that if found in time, once remedied, any potential expensive disaster is averted and replaced with a lesser maintenance charge

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  • Heavy Duty Repairs
  • Trucks – Heavy & Light
  • Earthmoving Equipment
  • Bus Maintenance
  • Mobile Field Service
  • Electrical & Hydraulics
  • Chassis Repairs, Welding
  • Brakes, Clutch, Gearbox
  • Exhausts, Diffs & Axles
  • Fleet Servicing


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Mission Statement

  • Diesel Services Queensland have, and always will, operate with the highest possible level of ethical standards whilst striving to provide the best possible service and workmanship. Our primary care is to our clients safety on the roads together with downtime kept to an absolute minimum ensuring they have reliable vehicles at all times. We will always prioritise your mechanical repairs and/or maintenance whenever possible to meet your scheduled commitments.
    This is our promise to you.